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Vendor Management

Elite Technical Consulting has vast experience in Vendor Management and can help reduce problems encountered in site, due to incorrectly designed or specified equipment and other Control systems related issues on site. We find that this is typically experienced due to break down of communication between suppliers’ and Design Contractors. Where there are several systems vendors involved, software and interfaces, that are not properly point to point tested, can cause a lot of problems during commissioning and results in delayed project and startup.

This is where we come in. We can facilitate Interface Management, Review and approval of FAT procedures and ensure smooth communication takes place. We can undertake Functional Safety Assessments \ SIS Audits as part of our verification process and ensure that the Qualification tests have been carried out. Scrutiny of Vendor documentation can reveal systematic failures in the design or specification of Control Systems and Safety Instrumented Systems. Addressing the systematic failures and specification errors in Design and Engineering Phase, it can be ensured that the designed system meets the requirements and also ensures reliability of performance of the Control System.

Safety of plant, equipment and personnel is of prime importance in the Oil & Gas Industry. Various System Integrators and equipment Manufacturers are under a lot of pressure to deliver Shutdown Systems, ESD and Fire and Gas Systems quickly with a short lead time. We are able to support interfacing activities between the (MAC) Main Automation Contractor, Third Party Control Systems and end-user, thus ensuring that required interface information is being communicated properly through to various parties. We also can organise and chair interface meetings constantly updating an Action List \ Interface List and track progress and performance of third party vendors and suppliers.

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