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HAZOP Workshop

HAZOP is a structured hazard identification technique utilizing skills and experience of  a multi-disciplined project team. HAZOP is widely accepted as the main technique for the identification of process safety hazards in the design and operation of a processing facility.

The method is highly structured and divides the process P&ID into different operational nodes and investigates the behavior of the different parts of each node based on an array of possible process deviation conditions or guidewords.

The selection and design of appropriate safety instrumented systems and other safeguards depends on an analysis of the risk due to the hazards at your plant. The full power of the HAZOP technique, now universally accepted as a vital tool for process risk analysis, can only be realized with experienced Facilitators.

Elite Technical Consulting’s consultants are highly experienced HAZOP facilitators, guiding the project through the preparation, execution, and follow-up to make HAZOP successful and efficient. 

We use popular software tools, calibrated to use Customer’s Risk Matrices and consider HAZOP Workshop preparation as paramount. We can advise project teams on the minimum document set expected to be available, issued and approved, in order to ensure a smooth running HAZOP Workshop. 

The normal process involves issuing a Terms of Reference (TOR) document prior to commencement of the Workshop detailing Risk Matrix, Consequence Severities, Event Likelihoods and definition of appropriate process guidewords/parameters and deviations applicable to the plant.

The objective of a HAZOP study is to examine the Process design to identify all process hazards that could result in injury to persons, environmental contamination, damage to plant equipment or assets, or have a serious impact on operations. These risks should be controlled and minimised by applying suitable physical or operational safeguards.

The outcome of the HAZOP is of course, to develop a set of recommendations to define risk mitigation measure and Safeguards, that need to be implemented to address and close the identified risks posed by examination of the hazards.

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