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ALARP Demonstration Study Workshop

The objective of an ALARP Demonstration Study is to collate the recommendations and results from all Hazard identification and Risk Assessment studies, to determine if these results are in compliance with suitable international, national and company standards.

The initial part of the ALARP demonstration will be a review of the design documentation.

An ALARP demonstration report is then developed using the following methodology:

  • The output from the various HSE studies will be collated, especially any Risk Reduction Measures (RRM) that have been proposed.
  • The main input to the ALARP demonstration shall be the QRA report that quantifies the risk and compares to risk acceptance criteria.
  • The identified risk and RRM will be reviewed in a workshop involving the project team in order to review the RRM applicability and to raise any further RRM that can be applied.


The study shall also include a review of the impact to risk after implementation of the RRM. This is partially undertaken in the QRA, the findings of which is summarised here.  

Additional impacts from other RRM are discussed in order to conclude if the risks are As Low As Reasonably Practicable.

If deemed necessary, suitable cost benefit analysis is undertaken in conjunction with the QRA. The exact tool is agreed on a case by case basis.

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