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CHAZOP Workshop

Control Hazard and Operability Study (CHAZOP) is a procedure for carrying the safety, security and reliability analysis of existing PLC and SCADA Control systems upgrades or new PLC based DCS and SIS systems. The technique is similar to, and has been adopted from the Hazard and Operability analysis (HAZOP) procedure that is widely used and is very successful for evaluating the reliability of Industrial Control Systems. 

The execution of a CHAZOP can take several forms depending on the focus and goal of the study. A CHAZOP can be performed to evaluate also Functional Safety Management and Quality Control measures a vendor organisation applies to developing new software code and assessing Management of Change controls in place when making upgrades to live production environments.

With the evolving sophistication of cyber threats impacting operation of Industrial Control Systems, CHAZOPs can be tailored to deep dive into assessing Cyber Security controls, analysing security risks and identifying controls that protect against cyber security compromise in Control Systems supply chain risks. CHAZOPs are often used as a forum to review modifications to PLCs (via walkthroughs) and SCADA Application changes and improve change management processes.

Elite Technical Consulting’s facilitators are experienced Control Systems Engineers having worked with a host of System Integrators and good understanding of development and build processes involved in DCS and Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). Our consultants can tailor the CHAZOP workshop to support the aims and goals that are required to be achieved.

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