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We work with our partners to deliver Safety

Global Functional Safety (GFS) is a specialist Engineering consulting firm, based in Copenhagen Denmark, specialising in supporting clients in Functional Safety Lifecycle Management Services in the Nordic Region. They provide SIS Lifecycle support including site based construction, commissioning and maintenance support to Oil and Gas Industry. Functional Safety Audits and SIS Audits are also part of some of the niche services provided to major operators. Some of their big clients include Maersk, Statoil and Shell.

Safetec, with its HQ in Norway, is a specialist Risk and Reliability consultancy, specialising in providing Safety, Risk and Reliability consultancy to the Oil and Gas Sector, with satellite offices worldwide. With a wide variety of projects successfully seen to completion, Safetec has a wealth of expertise in Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), facilitating Deterministic SIL Workshops and Risk Assessments, Fault Tree Workshops, FMEA study and providing risk and reliability consultancy.

Artimino Consulting is an independent technical consultancy working collaboratively with clients to provide quality implemented solutions. Our speciality is the provision of Technical Safety, Assurance, Risk Management Consultancy and Asset Integrity Management services. 

Artimino Consulting strives to support clients within Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery, Chemical and Energy industries. Our highly skilled team undertake a wide range of projects for international assignments. They are specialist in RAM Studies and boast a diverse portfolio of projects delivered.

IGEAM is a leading HSE company providing a range of services including safety, environment, health and loss prevention. Igeam are headquartered in Italy and its consultants have supported delivery of some world class projects in a host of Industry sectors. The goal of the company is to emphasize field experience through the capitalization of professionalism and the exploitation of technological innovation as a ‘driver’ of improvement. Igeam deliver valuable Safety Studies, Risk Management Workshops and Work Methodologies to enhance Safety and Operability of Industrial Plants.

Lagoni is a technical services provider with over 10 years’ operating experience in the Energy and Oil and Gas sectors. Specialising in engineering, Process Safety Consultancy and Operational Technology, Lagoni’s service offering covers the entire life cycle of assets from concept design, feed, detailed design, installation, commissioning, operations and decommissioning.

Working with a variety of clients and partners, including operators, owners, EPC Contractors  and system integrators, Lagoni provides solutions and services within the following areas:

  • Technical Safety
  • Engineering, Design and Project Management
  • Consultancy
  • Operational Technology and Software Solutions

PetroRisk is a leading Process Safety and Risk Management Consulting firm based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The founder of the company, Fayyaz Moazzam, is recognized as a leading Process Safety and Risk Management expert by the process industry. Quality of services and responsiveness to the needs of clients have been the hallmarks of PetroRisk since its inception.

The core consulting services offered by PetroRisk include Safety Studies, Risk Management Workshops and Hazard Identification studies. Petrorisk have worked with a host of major oil and gas companies based in Middle East and continue to build on their strong presence in the Gulf.

The Cyber Studios

The Cyber Studios are a specialist Industrial Cyber Security Consulting Firm providing Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) services to secure Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). They work with Operators of Critical Systems, Asset Owners and End User Organisations to identify Cyber Risks, Protect Critical Infrastructure, develop Incident Response procedures, backup and recovery processes and work with customers to refine Business Continuity Plans.