Elite Tech Consulting

C&I Engineering Design

Our experienced and competent Engineering Consultants can assist in delivering a variety of Control and Instrumentation Deliverables. Typically we can produce the following Control and Instrumentation (C&I) deliverables

  • Plant Cause and Effects
  • Instrument Index
  • Plant I/O Schedules (DCS, ESD, F&G)
  • Cable Block diagrams, Instrument Loop drawings, Instrument
  • Hookups, Cable Schedules, Junction Box Termination drawings.
  • Control Narratives
  • Shutdown Philosophies
  • Instrument Datasheets
  • ICSS Requirements Specifications
  • P&ID Review
  • Control System Block Diagrams and ICSS Architecture Drawings
  • SCADA Requirement Specifications
  • Intools Database Management
  • SIS compliance Studies
  • Graphics Design of Process Mimics and Graphic Mimic development
  • Technical Reports
  • Factory Acceptance Test Procedures
  • SIS SIL Verification
  • SIS Design Specification
  • Instrument Installation Plan
  • Instrument Location Drawings
  • ICSS Network Architecture drawings
  • ICSS

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