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Proof Test Procedures

Elite Technical Consulting is pleased to offer the development of new Proof Test Procedures, as required by IEC 61508 and IEC 61511, or the review and enhancement of existing proof test procedures.

If asked whether your Proof Test Procedures were “good, bad or ugly”, what would your response be?

  • Are your Proof Test Procedures legible to all parties, i.e. by both the author and the technician?
  • Have all the technicians been trained to the same standard for the systems being tested?
  • Are your Proof Test Procedures revisited and reviewed at regular intervals?
  • Are the failure modes needing to be tested fully covered by your Proof Test Procedures?
  • Can your proof test procedures demonstrate to the competent authorities that the full function and all failure modes are being tested? Are your Proof Test Procedures in line with HSE guidance?

Elite Technical Consulting has specialist consultants who have vast experience in developing and improving Proof Testing Procedures.

The Proof Test Procedure will allow for the step-by-step proof test to be carried out at specified intervals by competent personnel while maintaining a consistent and accurate approach.

Depending on the process needs, end to end proof tests or modular proof tests procedures can be developed to comply with IEC 61511.

Any process plant will contain hazards and the risks associated with the hazards that have to be reduced or mitigated to a level that is tolerable, so that the consequence of the hazardous scenario is reduced to ensure no harm to personnel, environment and plant assets. A structured Hazard Analysis can identify the hazards, the initiating causes of the hazard, and consequence severity of the Hazard. The Risk Assessment process (Risk Graph, LOPA) can be used to evaluate the risk reduction required by the Instrument Protective System (IPS) to ensure that the Hazardous scenario is prevented from happening or at least the severity of the consequence is reduced to an acceptable level.

The risk from Each Hazard, can be reduced by designing a suitable safeguard or Safety Instrumented system, and ensuring that the equipment used in such a SIS are reliable and certified to the required SIL.

The technical requirements of the safety functions used to reduce risk to a tolerable level are documented in a comprehensive Safety Requirement Specification; and this is the document that a system integrator or vendor will use to design Each safety function in the safety system.

Each Safety function must be evaluated to ensure it will achieve the required safety performance determined at the commencement of the design stages, before the Safety Protective \ Instrumented systems can be implemented. This process is called SIL Verification.

Elite Technical Consulting provides the expertise and experience required to assist Clients through the entire risk management process for process safety, and ensures that Each activity is accurately and comprehensively documented in accordance with IEC 61508 \ IEC 61511 Standards.

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