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Testing & Commissioning

A successful installation is paramount to the smooth running of your process. Rigorous Factory Acceptance Testing of Control systems, Shutdown Systems, Plant Equipment, Interface tests are essential, prior to commissioning on site, when dealing with safety critical applications.

We realise that when there are multi vendor systems interfaces to the main Plant Control system or ICSS, the need to verify and thoroughly test the system during Integration Tests, communication between vendors is very important. Communication breakdown between System Integrators and Vendors is a typical problem that results in last minute configuration changes, need for new hardware or in many cases costly re-engineering that result in project delays.

As part of Process Safety Consulting we witness, and verify that the Control systems (ICSS\DCS) is designed to meet the project requirements and that of IEC 61511 and is validated against the SIS specification. By undertaking the Factory Acceptance testing (FAT) and coordination with various vendors, from the initial stages, we eliminate any communication barriers among system vendors. We take full responsibility of witnessing and verifying Interface testing, hardware and software testing, Integration testing, which involves more than one vendor. All the testing is carefully recorded and verified. We then produce a Fault Log table, which is then given to Vendor to resolve. We can undertake retesting of all fault log items.

After successful completion of FAT, we also undertake supervision of SAT, commissioning and pre-commissioning activities on site.

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